Should Your Teeth Hurt After a Dental Cleaning?

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Close-up of open mouth during oral checkup at the dentist’s

All dental professionals, including this Clarksville dentist, agree that dental visits should ideally occur twice a year, and in these visits, a dental cleaning may be required if the checkup reveals it is necessary. These checkups and the consequent cleanings are essential in the dentist delivering excellent overall dental care. Contrary to popular belief, pain is not a necessarily part of the dental cleaning experience. This is part of the reason the bi-annual appointments are necessary. When tartar accumulates at and below the gum line and is then removed, an empty space between the gum and the surface of the root and or crown of the teeth remains. Additionally, as the widening and deepening developed along with the accumulation of tartar and other substances that caused the tartar to harden, the tissues that attaches the teeth to the gums are destroyed. This destruction is not minor because it is the beginning of the destruction of the bone that forms the jawline if the issue goes undetected and consequently, the teeth are not cleaned with a professional cleaning.


Commonly, hardened plaque is known as tartar. However, medically, tartar is referred to as calculus, and this harmful substance is so hard and difficult to remove, it can only be removed in its entirety by dental professionals. In this pursuit, these professionals utilize special instruments to effect the cleaning. When the process has to impact tooth surfaces in a harsh manner with these tools because of the severity of the build up and especially below the gum line, the cleaning often comes with teeth that are sensitive after cleaning. Individuals in this situation may notice pain as a result of this more extensive dental cleaning, but sore teeth after cleaning and sore gums are still only routine for these patients, and dental visits with cleanings become less severe for many people. Still, for many until their oral health is restored through the routine dental visits, the pain, swelling, tenderness, and some bleeding will occur afterward. Additionally, teeth sensitive after cleaning subsides with time.