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Welcome to TBI Talks

Welcome to where you will find details and information about Greg Goldberg and Traumatic Head Injury recovery.

Greg volunteers with and speaks to Head Injury Organizations and Cognitive Learning Groups to inspire individuals going through traumatic post head injury recovery.

Using illustrations and anecdotes from his own personal experience, Greg connects with audiences that are taking the journey that he started years ago and is still on. He will empower them to face the challenges of a head injury and give them renewed confidence to succeed.

With a question and answer period at the conclusion of his presentation, Greg will give head-injured individuals and their families the tools, skills, strategies and encouragement to overcome the injury to the best of their ability.

To find out more information or to book a presentation please go to the TBI Talks page.

"The trick in life is to accept what you have been given. You may not like
what you have received, but you must learn to consider it a gift